Monday, October 23, 2017


It's been a while since I've checked in with you all! As we head into Term 4 and the end of the year, life has sped up. Add a couple of sick kids into the mix and I'm wondering where the weeks go.

Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks......

The weather's been great and it's been nice to get out for a walk after dropping off the kids at school.

Sickness in the house means stripping everyone's sheets and disinfecting everything!
 Clean linen makes everything better :)

Jasper heading off to the school disco. Such a cutie!

After giving the front of the house a makeover we've moved around to the backyard. We've removed the skateboard ramp as the boys had lost interest and we'll just relay the grass all the way to the edge.
We're going to give the gardens a spruce up and splash a bit of white paint around on the fences. 

Lately I've had a few jobs styling properties for sale. I'll share more in another post but it was obvious to see I have a signature style with lots of white, rattan, prints and plants. 
This is the living room of the townhouse below.

My little helper at home. Noah loves to be given a job! Although if he is anything like his older brothers the novelty will soon wear off! ;)

6 months after our California Trip I finally got around to framing this cactus print to remind us of our gorgeous visit to Joshua Tree.

So how have you been?
What have you been up to lately?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Our Bathroom + Ensuite Makeover

Recently we did a little makeover on our main bathroom and ensuite. After 15 years they were looking a bit tired and worse for wear so we decided to give them a refresh.

The main bathroom is used mainly by the 3 boys so we wanted to upgrade to a double vanity to help with the morning traffic (teeth brushing etc) We wanted each boy to have their own set of drawers with lots of storage. This Marquis vanity from Tradelink ticked the boxes for us.  Also all of the tapware for the sinks, bath and shower needed replacing as did the shower heads and toilets. 

Cosmetically I wanted to make the space feel fresher and brighter so we decided to keep our white wall tiles and just replace the floor tiles with something new. I had originally looked at a grey Carrara marble tile but the maintenance seemed a bit much for a kids bathroom so I was happy when I found this matte 85mm hexagon "marble look" tile from Amber Tiles. Adding a new large round mirror above the vanity helps to reflect the light around the bathroom and also adds a modern touch. We chose this one.

I know the trend for tapware at the moment is for either black or brass (which I love!) but I chose a classic chrome in the hope it won't date as quickly and also as it ties into the other chrome touches (tapware and door knobs) in the kitchen near by.

We've never had towel rails - we use 2 hooks on the back of the doors. 
I did update the hand towel loop into a smaller chrome hook.

The bath surrounds were looking a little grubby and chipped but we didn't want to replace the bath so we decided to use Corian slabs to freshen up the bath surround and tie it in with the rest of the fresh, white space. We chose Corian in Designer White. We looked at using Ceaserstone and other materials  around the bath but Corian had the brightest, cleanest white.

Before the Corian slabs were added onto the bath.....

After the bath surrounds are on. It makes such a difference!

Before photo.....
(dark tiles, old vanity, bath)

After photos.....

The ensuite is a mini version of the main bathroom. We used the same vanity in the single version and all of the same accessories.

We're all really loving the makeover.  You can't beat all white for that clean fresh feel.
And I love that the bathrooms now blend in nicely with the rest of the house.
Now to just get the boys to keep the bathroom clean and looking this way! ;)

Let me know if you have any questions x
Have you given any parts of your house a makeover lately?

Product Sources
Vanity - Marquis - Tradelink
1500mm used in main bathroom
900mm used in ensuite

Tapware - Caroma

Toilet - Tradelink

Shower Head- Caroma

Bath surround - Corian - Designer White

Floor Tile - Amber Tile - 
85mm hex "carrara print" porcelain mosaic.

Mirror - Freedom

Faux hanging plant - Freedom

Bath mat - Habitania - Warringah Mall

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